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Medicines & Remedies price in CA between CAD2.43 to CAD484.99 from TOP 3 Merchant(s). Get Latest offers from Best Sellers like Onebioshop CA, Staples Canada, Decathlon Canada & Famous Brands like 3m, Puressentiel, Bauerfeind.

Medicines & Remedies Price List in ca – Updated May 2022

Solidea Micromassage Gauntlet Ccl.2 Elastic Handheld Fabric with Micromassage Waves for Lymphedema of the Hand and Forearm, Solidea - Natur CAD56.74
Wasip Ear Plugs - T Shape Disposable Polyurethane Foam - Corded - 100 Pack CAD34.79
EVADICT trail running medical safety kit CAD13
Puressentiel Arnica Clutch for Muscles and Joints with 14 Essential Oils of 200ml, Puressentiel CAD25.28
Bauerfeind MANULOC Tutor wrist for Carpal Tunnel and Inflammation, Bauerfeind CAD112.56
Laboratoire Altho Major Physane Leaves for Herbal teas and 50g infusions, Laboratoire Altho CAD6.45
Solidea Relax Unisex Ccl. 2 Open Toe Therapeutic Unisex Knee Highs with Graduated Compression 25-32mmHg Ccl.2 for venous therapies, Solidea - anthracite CAD65.32
Puressentiel Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Body Box with 2 100ml Dry Oils and 1 Suction Cup for All Skin Types, Puressentiel CAD57.16
Solidea Relax Unisex Ccl.1 Open Toe Unisex Knee Highs Elastic Graduated Compression 18-21mmHg Ccl.1 with Antistress Insole for Diabetic Patients, Solidea - Dark Blue CAD58.06
Solidea Relax Unisex Ccl.2 Plus Punta Open Unisex Elastic Legs with Graduated Compression 25-32mmHg Ccl.2 for Diabetic Patients, Solidea - Nero CAD65.32
Solidea Wonder Model Ccl.1 Open Toe Therapeutic Graduated Compression Tights 18-21mmHg Ccl.1 in Bacteriostatic Yarn, Solid - Nero CAD93.04